Actress Anne Heche lost consciousness shortly after being involved in a car accident in Los Angeles

According to her initial report of the actress’ condition, she was “in stable condition,” and firefighters said they spoke to her rescue team when she was dragged out of the rubble.

However, on Monday, a spokesman for the 53-year-old Heche said, “Despite previous reports that Heche was stable, [she] lost consciousness shortly after the accident, fell into a coma and was in critical condition. “At this time, Anne is in a very critical condition. She has severe lung injuries requiring a respirator and burns requiring surgery.

Saturday, A spokeswoman for Heche said  her condition was “stable” and her family was asking for “thoughts and prayers.” Reports this morning said Heche was speeding down the street before crashing into the house.

This caused what the Los Angeles Fire Department described as a “serious fire” that took several firefighters an hour to extinguish.

The occupants of the house were safe, but the building was classified as uninhabitable. A donation page was set up to help owners exchange their belongings for their homes. “I opened the back door of the car because the window was broken. It was hard because she [Heche] said she wasn’t feeling well. They didn’t let her out of the car until the fire was completely out. I know that.” and “Cedar Rapids.”

Anne Heche News in detail

Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin was recently criticized on social media for endorsing actress Anne Heche after a car accident.

Baldwin used his Instagram handle to post a video in support of Heche.

Baldwin told his two million followers  Saturday night, “Hey, I  want to send  my very best wishes and all the love to Anne Heche,” according to Fox News. They collaborated on films such as the courtroom thriller The Juror, Supercell, and reunited in 2004 for the Broadway play Twentieth Century.

He said in the video: “I love you Anne. I love you and I think you are  a very talented person.” Hope all goes well. i hope you get over this. I apologize for what this tragic thing has happened to you and I send all my love to you,” he added.

. But fans ignored Baldwin’s predicament and rushed to remind the actor that Heche, 53, was “reckless” driving his Mini Cooper angrily through the residential streets of Mar Vista.

As soon as the video was posted, the actor’s followers joined in the comments section, with one user asking, ‘Did you see how reckless she was driving and how she was driving? Did you hit a building before you fell? Have you seen the RING doorbell footage? Lucky you didn’t kill anyone. I just rattled off people’s names  and dates from the ’90s. Year. A tribute to Anne Heche? You’re not talking substantively about her. it’s all about you stop,” another comment said.

Another poster wrote, “What about the people  she was trying to kill??…is she more important?” The video is amazing and I really think she might have been an influence.

Some users also hoped for her recovery.

Before admitting that she has done “terrible commercials” for the brand, she said, “A friend sent me a bottle  of Re:Find.”


“Today was a special day. ‘I don’t know what happened. I’ve had my worst days and I don’t know if you’ve ever had one, but the days my mom says… not good.’ And I don’t know why some days end like this and things don’t shake me like that,” Heche said on the podcast.

The tenants of the house miraculously survived the fatal crash that occurred minutes after Heche drove into the garage door of the apartment complex down the street. Witnesses in the shared apartment said the actress confirmed that he tried to help the actress out of the car before backing it out of the parking lot and fleeing the scene.

Minutes later, the “Donnie Brasco” star crashed her car into a house, causing a fire that engulfed the house, according to Fox News. She was “conscious and breathing” when she was picked up, but suddenly sat up when authorities videotaped her from the scene of the incident leading her to an ambulance.

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Actress Anne Heche News

In a statement, the Los Angeles Fire Department said the vehicle had one occupant of her when it hit her two-story home built in 1952.

A witness to Heche’s incident in Los Angeles shared details of the accident with Fox News Digital on Saturday.
A witness who also shared details of the car crash said the blue Mini Heche was driving. Was out of breath when trying to rescue Heche from his Cooper.

Witness Lynn Bernstein “The smoke got so intense that I couldn’t breathe,” said Bernstein.
Heche and his wife saw the car speeding down the street before hearing Heche crash into a neighbor’s house, Bernstein said. Said.


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