The Secret by Rhonda Byrne – Book Summary

The secret was written by Rhonda Byrne and originally published in the year 2006 by Atria Publishing Group and Beyond Words Publishing. This book was influenced by Wallace Wattle’s book “The Science of Getting Rich”. The book was sold over 30 million copies worldwide and got translated into 50 languages.

The Secret Book Summary

The Secret book by Rhonda Byrne explains to us about personal development and spirituality. It helps an individual on how one creates their universes and teach themselves that one is in full control of their lives and the world treats them with all emotion.

By going back to its origins throughout history, Rhonda realized that the world’s extreme thinkers, from Plato to Einstein, all knew about it. They know that it was the only way to their success.

Rhonda received letters from many people claiming to witness miracles, recover from horrible pain, or crack the job, get a perfect life partner or promotion they needed for a long time after reading The Secret Book. By making a small shift in thoughts one can focus on what they want, and the things will come to you. From here onwards, the law of attraction will come in place and make sure that these thoughts will become reality.

All humans are inventors and creators. According to Byrne, the law of attraction will be applied to all areas of life. To make the law of attraction to your advantage, the following steps are to be followed.

  • Ask: To get what you need in life; you need to know what is needed in life and then ask for it with all heart.
  • Believe: One needs to believe that what they want is already theirs. Just believe that once you want it, you have already received it. The moment you ask it, the entire universe will gather to get it for you. All that is needed is you have to believe the law.
  • Receive: One will receive the reward that they asked for and it is time to get it and enjoy it for what you have ever dreamed of.

Start practicing gratitude in life and it will make a drastic change in life. First of all, write a list of things that you are grateful for and start shifting the thoughts from negative to positive. Just be thankful for the things that you have in life and feel positive about it. By doing these things, you will start attracting more good things and get better in life.

The Law of attraction is also applied to financial things in life. Focus on the wealth that you are going to generate in the future rather than what you have today. By feeling sad that you don’t have much money, you will remain with no money in your life. But focusing on you will have more money, the entire nature will make sure that you will get the money in the future.

The Secret Rhonda Byrne Book Summary

This law applies to the medical field as well. There are many people around the world on whom doctors have lost faith but not the affected people. These people have believed in themselves and changed their lives. It is the positive energy that has made them get back to normal life and do the things that are considered miracles in the medical field.

Even if there is a lot of criticism around the Secret book, it has directly affected the lives of many individuals and they are now leading a better life than before. Just follow positive thoughts in life and believe in yourself that you can achieve whatever you want in life. Make sure that a particular goal is set and it is achieved in course of time.

Pros of The Secret book

  1. The main advantage of this book is it empowers and boosts motivation to the individual.
  2. It gives a good visualization, optimism, and change to view things from a different perspective.
  3. It encourages people to visualize goals and think of them.
  4. It aims to keep a definite goal and focus on it to pursue them and get the resources with a positive mind.

Cons of The Secret book

  1. The main disadvantage of this book is that it conflicts with many religious beliefs.
  2. For a few individuals, it may promote unnecessary blame.
  3. It focuses on only the law of attraction but not the real-time actions.
  4. It forgets the reality of life and only links to having a materialistic life.
  5. The law of attraction is not scientifically proven but it is only observed phenomenally.

Review of The Secret book

In simple words, The Secret book helps us to understand the importance of the law of attraction and how psychological thinking makes us get all the good things. It explains that the law of attraction doesn’t understand the things that we don’t want in life. It is important to stay away from the things that we don’t want in life. It is important to think positively to have a healthier life.

The Secret book tells us that if one keeps all their emotions into a certain thing, the entire universe will come together to make it possible. In one word, it explains how the law of attraction is an important force in the world. It applies to money, relationships, health, and all other things in the world.

To maintain good relationships in life, the most important thing is to picture success and slant it positively and not to worry about the negative energy. It teaches about how one has to worry about positive energy and be clear about what is needed in life. This is a great way to ensure that your thoughts stay focused on the positive, which means good things are more likely to start coming your way.

What are the benefits of reading “The Secret Book“? Is it good?

The biggest learning one can have in the entire life is the power of positive thought. The life of anyone can change in a snap by following it. There are many people around the world, who have changed their lives by reading and following what is there in the Secret book. This book induces the thought that one can control their thoughts and control their lives. Overall, it is a good book to read that can help an individual to reach his goals and reduce the stress in life in all aspects.


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