Power of Positive Thinking Book Review & Summary

The Power of Positive Thinking which falls under the self-help genre was written by Norman Vincent Peale and originally published in the year 1952 by Prentice Hall publisher. The book was sold more than 5 million copies worldwide and also got translated into 40 languages. For 186 weeks, it was on the New York Times bestsellers list.

Summary of Power of Positive Thinking Book:

Power of Positive Thinking Book Review

The Power of Positive Thinking book helps individuals to cultivate the habit of self-help rather than depending on others for small things in life. It concentrates on having self-belief in ourselves and the attitude towards developing a new habit that changes can the life of an individual.

The most important thing is believing in yourself and has confidence in your abilities. If there is any insecurity or inadequacy in the hopes, it must be avoided and one needs to realize the importance of self-confidence to understand the true potential which primes to success.

The author of Power of Positive Thinking book mainly focuses on the thoughts and the ways to empty the mind. One needs to have relief in the heart when he/she pours all their stress to someone whom they trust or rely upon. Therefore, it is very important to keep the mind away from negative thoughts and have a person in life to whom we can discuss all sorrows and worries.

There will be a definite effect on how we feel physically. For example, if the mind says that you are tired and the body responds the same. Therefore, it is important to have a constant flow of positive energy or things to the mind to be optimistic for both body and mind health.

Prayer therapy is one of the most utilized therapy

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Prayer can give remarkable results in reinstating the functioning of the soul and body for tension, trouble, and disability. Many experts in the world who are in the field of physical health use this therapy to get back to a normal life.

Happiness is in the hands of one. It is you who can decide the fate and happiness of oneself. Many reports say that children are happier than adults. It is because children won’t allow negative energy to get to them or influence them. They rather choose happiness and the person who carries the spirit and attitude of a child into the later ages is a genius and can have a much better life than others who don’t.

The main reason to be successful in life is to have self-belief. If everyone follows this simple rule the life will be beautiful and all the possibilities will come into reality. Learn the magic of believing that when you expect the worst, the same will get you, and when you expect the best, you will get the best.

Don’t complain about the things that you don’t have in life. First, get gratitude for things that you have in life that many others don’t have. More fretting and fuming you get; many necessary things will vanish by wasting the energy and power for them. Just stay calm and happy in life.

Everyone in life might have experienced defeat at one or point in time. The author is saying that if you are having thoughts of defeat, you need to get rid of them and start believing in winning as the more you think of defeat, you will get the same.

Rule of 21/90

Remember the rule of 21/90. It says that it takes 21 days for developing a new habit and 90 days for making it into a permanent lifestyle. Instead of thinking about what can’t be done, it is very important to think about what can be done. If there is any bad or worry habit in your life, it is needed to get rid of and start overcoming it.

There will be a solution to any problem in life or thing. All that is required is to stay calm and maintain the coolness to seek the solution. Never force for answers but keep the mind relaxed and see the things visible and clear for getting the solutions. Following these simple steps, any problem in life will be solved and this is what the book Power of Positive Thinking is mostly about.

Pros of the Power of Positive Thinking book

  1. It promotes faith in self and capability which leads to an increase in self-confidence and get success.
  2. It cultivates the habit of maintaining a peaceful mind and develop a calm attitude.
  3. It increases the energy levels for the body and one can stretch the things that they are doing.
  4. It operates on the power of prayer to get things back in life by increasing the belief capacity.
  5. It asks us to get the best by expecting the best.
  6. It says that defeat is an obstacle for winning and it is all in the mind of the one who believes that either defeat is the end of the beginning.
  7. It helps you to solve personal problems by viewing things differently.

Cons of the book

  1. It requires a great amount of patience and not all of them will have the same in the initial stages.
  2. It focuses only on positive thinking, not on realistic problems.
  3. It aims only for personal growth and importance rather than a team.

Review of Power of Positive Thinking

The book “Power of positive thinking”, can help people to achieve personal, spiritual, financial, and relationship goals. People can replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts and can break the worry habit in their lives. One can also generate a new character in them who is not afraid of anything and lead the way to a happy life.

At the end of the day or life, all that is required is love. Love and belief are powerful tools in anyone’s life. Just be the one in another’s life to whom you can give the love of there and belief that they can do anything in life. As Peale said assemble the facts impartially, judicially, and impersonally. Also, read more about the book in Wikipedia.

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What are the benefits of reading the book – Power of Positive Thinking? Is it good?

Perspective plays an important role in everyone’s life. Few look at problems as if they are the only ones suffering from them, while others think positively and get control of the entire problem and handle them wisely. Power of Positive Thinking book helps people to view any situation positively and get more believe in their lives. If you want to be surrounded by positivity, the change needs to start from you first, this book helps you to get that change.

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