How To Use Gingerly In A Sentence [47 Simple Examples]

Gingerly: The word “gingerly” conveys the careful, cautious, and delicate nature of the action being performed. Now, Let’s begin by understanding the word gingerly through examples. Here are some examples of how to use the word gingerly in sentences.

How Do You Use Gingerly In A Sentence

The following examples are illustrating the use of gingerly in a sentence:

    1. She gingerly picked up the fragile vase, afraid it might shatter in her hands.
    2. The hiker stepped gingerly across the narrow, slippery bridge.
    3. The surgeon gingerly handled the delicate instrument during the intricate procedure.
    4. He gingerly tiptoed through the room, trying not to wake the sleeping baby.
    5. With a bandaged foot, she walked gingerly down the stairs.
    6. The child gingerly touched the prickly cactus, curious yet wary of the sharp spines.
    7. The elderly man gingerly sat down on the chair, mindful of his fragile bones.
    8. The teacher gingerly corrected the student’s mistakes to avoid discouraging them.
    9. After the surgery, he gingerly tested his range of motion to assess any pain or discomfort.
    10. Holding the newborn puppy gingerly, she cradled it in her hands to keep it safe and secure.
    11. The dancer gingerly balanced on her toes, executing graceful movements.
    12. He gingerly untangled the knots in the delicate necklace, taking care not to break the chain.
    13. With a broken arm, she gingerly attempted to write with her non-dominant hand.
    14. The driver gingerly maneuvered the car through the narrow, winding streets.
    15. She gingerly placed the freshly baked pie on the cooling rack, ensuring it didn’t collapse.
    16. The firefighter gingerly carried the injured cat out of the burning building.
    17. The climber gingerly descended the steep rock face, one careful step at a time.
    18. After the heavy rainfall, she gingerly stepped around the muddy puddles.
    19. The artist gingerly applied the final brushstrokes to the intricate portrait.
    20. Holding the antique book, she gingerly turned the fragile pages, mindful of their age.
    21. She gingerly picked up the fragile vase, fearful of dropping it.
    22. The hiker gingerly stepped across the narrow ledge, careful not to lose balance.
    23. The chef gingerly added spices to the dish, ensuring the perfect flavor.
    24. The child gingerly approached the timid puppy, wanting to earn its trust.
    25. She gingerly lifted the heavy box, afraid of straining her back.
    26. The toddler gingerly took her first steps, trying to maintain balance.
    27. The surgeon gingerly held the delicate instrument, ensuring precise incisions.
    28. He gingerly picked up the fragile glassware, aware of its susceptibility to breakage.
    29. The artist gingerly applied brushstrokes to the canvas, creating a masterpiece.
    30. The mountaineer gingerly climbed the treacherous peak, mindful of each foothold.
    31. The museum curator gingerly handled the ancient artifact, preserving its integrity.
    32. The dancer gingerly leaped across the stage, executing a flawless routine.
    33. The teacher gingerly corrected the student’s mistake, encouraging learning.
    34. The archaeologist gingerly brushed away dirt from the ancient artifact, revealing its hidden beauty.
    35. Sarah gingerly placed the fragile vase on the shelf.
    36. The child gingerly touched the hot stove, learning the lesson of caution.
    37. Mark gingerly stepped on the icy sidewalk to avoid slipping.
    38. The nurse gingerly inserted the needle into the patient’s arm.
    39. The hiker gingerly crossed the wobbly bridge, fearful of its stability.
    40. She gingerly unfolded the delicate letter, taking care not to tear it.
    41. The chef gingerly seasoned the dish, adding just the right amount of spice.
    42. The driver gingerly maneuvered through the congested traffic.
    43. The gardener gingerly pruned the thorny rosebush.
    44. He gingerly removed the bandage from the wound, expecting pain.
    45. The driver gingerly maneuvered through the icy road.
    46. He gingerly opened the old, fragile book to avoid tearing the pages.
    47. She gingerly placed the delicate flowers in a vase, ensuring they remained intact.

These sentences demonstrate how to use gingerly in a sentence, to describe cautious and careful actions, particularly in situations where there is a need to handle delicate objects, navigate tricky situations, or avoid causing harm. Gingerly in Collins Dictionary.

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