LAUDABLE Synonyms, Antonyms, And 12 Example Sentences

If you’re seeking various ways to express the feeling of laudableness, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we will delve into the world of laudable, explore laudable synonyms, antonyms & meanings, and provide example sentences to help you grasp the concept of admiration and commendation.

So let’s get started and find some fascinating words about laudable to use in various ways to portray the concept of admirable!

Laudable Synonyms & Antonyms with Example Sentences

Meaning of Laudable: An adjective used to express something that merits lauding, commending, or adoration.

Laudable Synonyms & Antonyms

The term laudable has several synonyms, each with a distinct connotation and range of meanings.

Synonyms of Laudable

Here are 10 popular alternatives to the word laudable:

  • Admirable: Deserving admiration or respect.
  • Commendable: Worthy of praise or approval.
  • Meritorious: Deserving of reward or recognition.
  • Creditable: Deserving credit or recognition.
  • Worthy: Deserving respect, admiration, or attention.
  • Exemplary: Serving as a desirable model or example.
  • Praiseworthy: Deserving praise or approval.
  • Honorable: Deserving of honor or respect.
  • Estimable: Worthy of esteem or admiration.
  • Splendid: Impressively impressive or excellent.

Antonyms of Laudable

The antonyms of laudable include words that indicate harmful or undesirable qualities. Here are five common antonyms of laudable:

  • Blameworthy: Deserving of blame or criticism.
  • Disreputable: Having a bad reputation or negative image.
  • Inexcusable: Not able to be excused or justified.
  • Unworthy: Not deserving of respect, admiration, or attention.
  • Reprehensible: Deserving of condemnation or criticism.

Laudable vs. Commendable

Even though the terms “Commendable” and “Laudable” are sometimes used interchangeably, they do differ in a few small ways. While Commendable implies that an action or trait is deserving of praise or respect, Laudable refers particularly to anything that is thus.

How to Use Laudable in A Sentence (Examples)

Here are 12 example sentences that use the word laudable to better understand its meaning:

  1. The instructor commended Jack for his laudable efforts on the art project, showcasing his imagination and commitment.
  2. Martha was recognized for her laudable volunteer efforts on behalf of the community.
  3. Critics praised the team for its laudable performance in the tournament.
  4. The scientist’s groundbreaking research is laudable and will have far-reaching implications.
  5. The artist’s ability to convey complex emotions through her work is laudable.
  6. Globally-minded consumers have praised the company for its laudable dedication to environmental sustainability.
  7. Despite various obstacles, the young entrepreneur’s laudable tenacity and dedication allowed her to successfully launch her creative company.
  8. Numerous people’s lives have been considerably impacted by the charity’s laudable efforts to help poor areas with healthcare and education.
  9. The acclaimed actor received a prestigious award for his laudable performance in the emotionally powerful and thought-provoking film.
  10. The group was hailed as real champions for their laudable sportsmanship in the face of defeat by both supporters and rivals.
  11. The charity’s laudable efforts brought relief to countless families in need.
  12. The artist’s masterpiece received critical acclaim for its laudable craftsmanship.


Laudable continues to inspire us to acknowledge and celebrate the best in people and actions. So, go ahead and incorporate this laudable word into your vocabulary, recognizing and appreciating the remarkable efforts of those around you.

Words like Laudable add depth and color to our language. Understanding words’ meanings and nuances allows us to express ourselves effectively and appreciate the remarkable qualities of others.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: Can “Laudable” be used to describe both people and things?

A: Yes, “Laudable” can be used to describe both people and things that exhibit praiseworthy qualities or actions.

Q: Is Laudable a common word in everyday conversations?

A: Despite not being used as frequently as some other adjectives, “laudable” is nevertheless well-known and may be used in both formal and casual contexts.

Q: Are there any synonyms for Laudable that carry the same meaning?

A: Yes, there are other words that may be alternatives for laudable, including admirable, commendable, praiseworthy, and applaudable.

Q: Can Laudable be used to describe an achievement or a personal trait?

A: Absolutely! “Laudable” can be used to describe both achievements and positive personal traits that are deserving of praise.

Q: Is it appropriate to use “Laudable” in a formal business context?

A: Yes, using “Laudable” in a formal business context can highlight exceptional achievements and contributions.

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