Superstitious Synonyms & Antonyms With 36 Sentences: Superstition Uncovered

In this article, we will delve into the word superstitious and explore its meaning, superstitious synonyms & antonyms as well as we will understand the usage of the word superstitious in a sentence.

Understanding the nuances of this term will broaden our knowledge and appreciation of different perspectives.

Let’s explore superstitious synonyms & antonyms, their meaning & definition with example sentences.

Superstitious Synonyms & Antonyms With 36 Sentences: Superstition Uncovered

Superstitious Meaning and Definition

Definition of Superstitious:  An adjective that designates ideas or behaviors based on superstition is superstitious. It refers to the propensity to give events, things, or behaviors a supernatural or illogical meaning.

Superstitious ideas can result from cultural customs, individual experiences, or a need for certainty and control in ambiguous circumstances. While some people may believe in superstition, others view it with suspicion or outright reject it.

To better comprehend the meaning of the superstitious, let’s look at synonyms and antonyms for superstitious.

Superstitious Synonyms & Antonyms

Synonyms are words or phrases that share a similar meaning or convey a comparable concept.

Synonyms of Superstitious

The following table presents some synonyms of superstitious:

Synonym WordDefinition
UnreasonableNot based on rational or logical thinking
IrrationalLacking logical or sensible reasoning
PseudoscientificFalsely claiming to be scientific
UnfoundedLacking a valid or logical basis
UnsubstantiatedNot supported by evidence or proof
PrejudicedHolding biased or unfounded beliefs


These synonyms shed light on different aspects and interpretations of the word superstitious, showcasing its various connotations.

Antonyms of Superstitious

Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings to a given term.

Here are some antonyms of superstitious:

Antonym WordDefinition
RationalBased on reason and logical thinking
ScientificGrounded in scientific principles
LogicalFollowing a sensible and coherent thought process
PragmaticPractical and based on practical considerations
SkepticalDoubtful or questioning of supernatural beliefs
RealisticDealing with things as they are, based on reality


These antonyms present contrasting viewpoints on the concept of superstition, emphasizing rationality, skepticism, and evidence-based thinking.

Superstitious Synonyms Examples In Sentence

  1. Despite knowing it was illogical, she couldn’t shake off her irrational fear of Friday the 13th.
  2. His unreasonable belief in luck dictated every decision he made.
  3. The pseudoscientific practices of astrology and tarot card readings attracted those with a superstitious inclination.
  4. The unfounded belief in a curse haunted the town for generations.
  5. The unsubstantiated claims of haunted houses drew the attention of superstitious thrill-seekers.
  6. The prejudiced views of certain cultures perpetuated superstitious beliefs and practices.
  7. She dismissed the superstitious notions, relying on scientific evidence instead.
  8. The irrational belief in lucky charms persisted despite its lack of logical basis.
  9. The baseless superstition of walking under ladders causing bad luck continued to prevail.
  10. The unreasonable fear of breaking a mirror stemmed from ancient beliefs about the soul.

How to Use Superstitious In A Sentence

  1. She is so superstitious that she refuses to walk under ladders.
  2. The athlete wore his lucky socks, guided by his superstitious beliefs.
  3. Despite the lack of evidence, many people still hold onto superstitious traditions.
  4. My grandmother is extremely superstitious and believes in various omens.
  5. The superstitious fear of the number 13 is known as triskaidekaphobia.
  6. He always carries a rabbit’s foot for good luck, driven by his superstitious nature.
  7. The superstitious rumor about the haunted house spread throughout the town.
  8. In some cultures, breaking a mirror is considered a superstitious act that brings bad luck.
  9. People with superstitious tendencies often seek signs and symbols in everyday occurrences.
  10. Superstitious rituals can provide individuals with a sense of control and security.
  11. The superstitious belief that black cats bring bad luck has persisted for centuries.
  12. Despite being a skeptic, she couldn’t help but entertain superstitious thoughts during the thunderstorm.
  13. Many athletes have their own superstitious rituals that they follow before competitions.
  14. The superstitious practice of knocking on wood is believed to ward off bad luck.
  15. Some cultures have specific superstitious beliefs related to weddings and marriages.
  16. Superstitious fears can be deeply ingrained and difficult to overcome.
  17. He attributes his success to a superstitious charm he keeps in his pocket.
  18. The superstitious tradition of tossing coins into a fountain for good luck is still popular today.
  19. Superstitious behaviors can vary widely from one culture to another.
  20. The superstitious notion of Friday the 13th being an unlucky day persists in many societies.
  21. Despite being a scientist, Mark held superstitious beliefs about Friday the 13th.
  22. Julia avoided stepping on cracks in the sidewalk, influenced by her superstitious upbringing.
  23. The old house was said to be haunted, which fueled the superstitious fears of the townspeople.
  24. Sarah carried a lucky charm wherever she went, indulging in her superstitious tendencies.
  25. Tom’s superstitious nature led him to perform rituals before important exams to ensure success.
  26. Jack dismissed the superstitious notions surrounding black cats, considering them baseless.


Q: What does the word superstitious mean?

A: The word “superstitious” refers to beliefs or practices that are based on superstition. It involves attributing irrational or supernatural significance to events, objects, or actions.

Q: What are synonyms for superstitious?

A: Some synonyms for superstitious include unreasonable, irrational, pseudoscientific, unfounded, unsubstantiated, and prejudiced.

Q: What are antonyms for superstitious?

A: Antonyms for superstitious include rational, scientific, logical, pragmatic, skeptical, and realistic.


Understanding the meaning, synonyms, and antonyms of superstitious provides diverse perspectives. Remember to approach superstition with an open mind, acknowledging the cultural and personal significance it holds for different individuals.

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