How To Use Word ACCOLADE In A Sentence: 50+ Various Examples

This comprehensive article will delve into the meaning of accolades, how to use the word accolade in a sentence, and accolade examples in various domains, showcasing the diverse ways in which accolades can be used. So, let’s embark on this rewarding journey of understanding and utilizing accolades in our everyday lives.

Accolade Meaning

Accolade (noun) Pronounced /ˈæk.ə.leɪd/.

The term “accolade” refers to a formal recognition or honor bestowed upon someone for their achievements, skills, or contributions. It signifies admiration, respect, and appreciation for outstanding performance. Accolades can come in various forms, including awards, titles, certificates, trophies, medals, or even a simple gesture of praise and recognition.

Accolade Forms:

Accolades (noun plural)

Examples of Accolade in Sentences 

Accolades extend beyond formal ceremonies and distinguished events. They permeate our daily lives, allowing us to express appreciation, acknowledge accomplishments, and celebrate personal milestones.

let’s explore 50 sentences for examples that demonstrate the diverse ways in which accolades can be used:

Accolade Examples in Different Contexts

  1. The acclaimed author received numerous accolades for her thought-provoking novel.
  2. The talented athlete was honored with an accolade for breaking the world record.
  3. The dedicated teacher earned accolades for her innovative teaching methods.
  4. The humanitarian worker received an accolade for her tireless efforts in helping the underprivileged.
  5. The renowned scientist was awarded an accolade for his groundbreaking research in the field of medicine.

Accolade in a Sentence: Exploring Everyday Usage

  1. Sarah received an accolade from her boss for her exceptional performance on the project.
  2. John’s bravery during the rescue operation earned him accolades from his colleagues.
  3. The local artist’s captivating exhibition received accolades from critics and art enthusiasts alike.
  4. The charity organization was honored with an accolade for its outstanding community service.
  5. Emma’s dedication to environmental causes earned her an accolade as an eco-warrior.
  6. The restaurant’s culinary excellence garnered accolades from food critics around the city.
  7. The team’s remarkable comeback in the championship game earned them accolades from fans.
  8. The teacher commended the students for their hard work and presented them with accolades.
  9. The company’s commitment to sustainable practices was recognized with an accolade.
  10. The volunteer’s tireless efforts in the homeless shelter were met with accolades from the community.
  11. Jack’s book received accolades from readers for its captivating storytelling.
  12. The young entrepreneur’s innovative startup idea earned him accolades from industry experts.
  13. The athlete’s exceptional performance in the race secured him an accolade as the champion.
  14. The organization’s impactful social media campaign garnered accolades for raising awareness.
  15. The scientist’s groundbreaking research findings earned her accolades in the scientific community.
  16. The artist’s mesmerizing performance on stage received accolades and standing ovations.
  17. The student’s research paper was awarded accolades for its insightful analysis.
  18. The singer’s powerful vocals and stage presence garnered accolades from music critics.
  19. The actor’s exceptional portrayal of the character earned him accolades and a standing ovation.
  20. The architect’s innovative design for the building earned him accolades from the jury.
  21. The team’s collaborative efforts on the project were recognized with accolades.
  22. The community leader’s selfless service to the underprivileged earned her accolades from the mayor.
  23. The journalist’s investigative reporting received accolades for uncovering the truth.
  24. The photographer’s stunning landscape images garnered accolades and exhibition opportunities.
  25. The fashion designer’s avant-garde collection earned her accolades in the fashion industry.
  26. The actress received an accolade for her outstanding performance in the play.
  27. The scientist was honored with an accolade for her groundbreaking research.
  28. The athlete’s hard work and dedication earned him an accolade as the MVP.
  29. The organization was awarded an accolade for its exceptional community service.
  30. The author’s novel received critical acclaim and multiple accolades.
  31. The teacher was presented with an accolade for her innovative teaching methods.
  32. The musician’s album won several accolades, including Album of the Year.
  33. The company received an accolade for its commitment to environmental sustainability.
  34. The artist’s painting was recognized with an accolade at the art exhibition.
  35. The chef’s culinary skills earned her an accolade as the Best Chef in the city.
  36. The journalist’s investigative reporting received accolades for exposing corruption.
  37. The team’s exceptional performance led to accolades from their fans.
  38. The humanitarian worker was honored with an accolade for her tireless efforts.
  39. The architect’s innovative design received accolades from industry professionals.
  40. The student’s research paper was awarded an accolade for its insightful analysis.
  41. The actor’s powerful portrayal of the character earned him critical accolades.
  42. The entrepreneur’s groundbreaking startup idea garnered accolades from investors.
  43. The fashion designer’s collection received accolades for its creativity and craftsmanship.
  44. The photographer’s stunning landscape images earned him accolades from art critics.
  45. The documentary film was recognized with multiple accolades at international festivals.

In these sentences, the accolade is used to describe recognition, honor, or praise given to individuals, organizations, or works for their exceptional achievements, skills, or contributions.

Examples of Accolade in Various Domains

20 examples of accolade:

  1. The Nobel Prize in Physics
  2. The Grammy Award for Best New Artist
  3. The Pulitzer Prize for Fiction
  4. The Academy Award for Best Actor
  5. The Olympic Gold Medal in Swimming
  6. The Booker Prize for Literature
  7. The Tony Award for Best Play
  8. The Nobel Peace Prize
  9. The FIFA World Cup Trophy
  10. The National Medal of Science
  11. The Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series
  12. The Order of the British Empire
  13. The Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival
  14. The Man Booker International Prize
  15. The Fields Medal in Mathematics
  16. The Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role
  17. The Presidential Medal of Freedom
  18. The Nobel Prize in Chemistry
  19. The Tour de France Yellow Jersey
  20. The MacArthur Fellowship (Genius Grant)

Instances in history where Accolade was used to inspire and motivate people towards a common goal. Accolade has been used by leaders and speakers throughout history to rally individuals towards a shared vision, highlighting the power of words to move people towards action.

Modern examples of accolades in literature, media, and pop culture. The accolade is a recurring theme in literature, media, and pop culture, often used to celebrate achievements and recognize excellence. From award shows to social media shoutouts, Accolade continues to be a powerful tool for acknowledging success and inspiring others to strive for greatness.

Know more about accolade in Cambridge Dictionary.

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