Acquaintance Synonyms, Antonyms & 31 Example Sentences (Elevate Your Vocabulary)

English words, like acquaintance, convey meaning, express thoughts, and connect people. This comprehensive article explores acquaintance synonyms and antonyms with their meanings and example sentences.¬†Through detailed explanations and example sentences, we will understand how to use acquaintance in various contexts. So, let’s dive in and acquaint ourselves with the intricacies of the word acquaintance.

Unlock The Power Of Connection : Acquaintance Synonyms, Antonyms & Example Sentences

Acquaintance Meaning & Definition

An acquaintance is someone with whom one is familiar but not close friends or intimate companions. It signifies a level of recognition and awareness without the emotional depth of close friendships.

Acquaintance Synonyms With Meanings & Examples


Definition of Familiarize: To familiarize oneself with someone or something means to become acquainted or knowledgeable about them.

Sentences for Example:

  • He took the time to become acquainted with the local traditions and customs.
  • Before I can use the new software effectively, I must become familiar with it.


Definition of Inform: Informing someone involves providing them with knowledge or information about a particular subject.

Sentences for Example:

  • I must inform you that the event has been postponed to next week.
  • The brochure aims to inform tourists about the local attractions and activities.


Definition of Introduce: Introducing someone is making them known or bringing them into contact with others.

Sentences for Example:

  • Allow me to introduce my colleague, Sarah.
  • The professor introduced a new concept in today’s lecture.

Make Known:

Definition of Make Known: Making something known involves sharing or revealing information to ensure awareness and understanding.

Sentences for Example:

  • The report made known the potential risks associated with the new project.
  • The witness made known crucial information during the trial, which led to a breakthrough.


Definition of Apprise: Apprising someone refers to keeping them informed or updated about a situation or development.

Sentences for Example:

  • Please apprise me of any changes to the schedule.
  • Please apprise me of any updates regarding the project timeline.
  • The teacher apprised the students of the upcoming field trip and its requirements.

Acquaintance Antonyms With Meanings & Examples


Meaning of Extrange: To estrange means to cause someone to become distant, alienated, or disconnected.


  • Their conflicting opinions began to estrange them from each other.
  • The long-distance relationship started to falter, and they slowly began to estrange from each other.


Meaning of Isolate: Isolating someone involves separating or setting them apart from others, often resulting in a feeling of loneliness or detachment.


  • The pandemic forced people to isolate themselves to prevent the spread of the virus.
  • The company decided to isolate the problematic employee until the issue was resolved.


Meaning of Ignore: Ignoring someone means deliberately paying no attention to them or their presence.


  • She chose to ignore his comments and focused on her own work.
  • He ignored her advice and went ahead with his own plan, resulting in failure.


Meaning of Unfamiliarize: Unfamiliarizing someone is the process of making them less acquainted or knowledgeable about a subject or situation.


  • The training program aims to unfamiliarize employees from outdated practices.
  • She chose to unfamiliarize herself from the toxic relationships in her life.


Meaning: Misinforming involves providing false or incorrect information to mislead or deceive someone.


  • It is unethical to misinform customers about the product’s capabilities.
  • It is important not to misinform the public with inaccurate news articles.

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Use of Acquaintance In A Sentence

  1. I bumped into an old acquaintance from high school at the grocery store.
  2. Making the acquaintance of such a gifted artist was a joy.
  3. Although we have only met a few times, I consider him more than just an acquaintance.
  4. Despite being acquaintances, they always ignore each other when they cross paths.
  5. I saw a familiar face in the crowd, but couldn’t quite place the acquaintance.
  6. We started talking, and we soon became acquainted with each other’s hobbies & interests.
  7. Through mutual acquaintances, I learned about an exciting job opportunity.
  8. I decided to reach out to my acquaintances in the field for professional advice.
  9. We may not be close friends, but we have a pleasant acquaintance.
  10. My acquaintance with different cultures has broadened my perspective on the world.

FAQs About Acquaintance

Q: What does the word acquaintance mean?

A: The word acquaintance refers to a person with whom one is familiar but not intimately connected, often lacking the depth of a close friendship.

Q: What are some synonyms of acquaintance?

A: Synonyms of acquaintance include familiarize, inform, introduce, make known, and apprise.

Q: What are some antonyms of acquaintance?

A: Antonyms of acquaintance include estrange, isolate, ignore, un-familiarize, and misinform.

Q: Can an acquaintance become a close friend?

A: While it is possible for acquaintances to develop deeper relationships over time, an acquaintance typically denotes a more casual or superficial connection.

Q: How do I become acquainted with a new subject?

A: You can do research, read resources on the subject, get advice from professionals, and actively participate in activities relating to the subject to become more acquainted with a new subject.

Q: Is it possible to misinform unintentionally?

A: Yes, it is possible to unintentionally misinform others if you provide incorrect information unknowingly. It is essential to verify facts before sharing information to avoid unintentional misinformation.


In this article, we explored the meaning of the word acquaintance and word acquaintance synonyms & antonyms. We learned that an acquaintance represents a level of familiarity that falls short of a deep personal relationship.

By using various synonyms and antonyms of acquaintance, we can effectively communicate different shades of meaning and enhance our language skills.

To promote efficient communication, keep in mind to select the appropriate term based on the circumstances. The following time you encounter the term acquaintance, you will be prepared to comprehend its meaning and make the right use of it.

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